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100pcs. White Cardboard Salad Bowl - 750 CC

Barcode : 8683318603235
Product Code : SMT00PK000000016
345.95 TL
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3.46 TL
345.95 TL
100pcs. White Cardboard Salad Bowl - 750 CC
The capacity of the product is 750 cc. Length: 7 cm, mouth diameter: 14 cm. There are 100 pieces in a box.
It is suitable for use in takeaway and presentations of restaurants, cafes and catering companies. When used with its lid, it is leak-proof and suitable for salads with dressing. It can also be used in hot and cold food services. It is disposable, hygienic and white in color. It is made of cardboard suitable for food contact. In the package services of food businesses; It is ideal and economical to use in areas requiring collective use such as hotels and hospitals.
Capacity ml
750 ml
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