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10 pcs BC Wave Cardboard Box (60x40x40)

Barcode : 8683318604614
Product Code : SMT00PK000000053
434.95 TL
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43.49 TL
434.95 TL

10 pcs BC Wave Cardboard Box (60x40x40) Pieces in the package: 10.

BC Wave Limitation Kraft Testliner Limitation has a kraft structure. Sarkap Protects Safely for 50 Years and Keeps it Hygienic! Transport & Storage boxes can be used for temporary or long-term carrying of documents, products, goods, clothes, office, household materials for storage or transportation. After the lower covers are closed with the help of duct tape, the products are placed inside and the upper lids are closed with tape. It is a type of carbcoard that is easy to use and will expand your working area. All of our products are carefully packaged and given to the cargo so that they can reach you without any damage.

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