50 Pcs. 8,5x14,5cm Kraft Window Locked Doypack

Product Code : SMT00PK000000046
62.50 TL
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  • 50 Pcs. 8,5x14,5cm Kraft Window Locked Doypack 

    Width:8.5cm x Length:14.5cm. Quantity in a Box: 50. It can be used for storing, wholesale and retail packaging of materials such as nuts, spices, coffee, crackers, confectionery. It has the opportunity to stand upright with the bellows at the bottom and to be reused with the collapsible lock system at the top. In the middle of the product, there is a transparent window showing the product inside. All of our products are carefully packaged and given to the cargo so that they can reach you without any damage.

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