6 pcs. 500 ml Dessert Container - Red Dot Pattern

Product Code : SPEG00400PK00002
24.95 TL
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Planned Delivery Date : 11.02.2023
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  • 6 pcs. 500 ml Dessert Container - Red Dot Pattern
    Our products are produced in our factory under international standards and hygienic conditions. Each box has 500 ml (milliliter) ±2% internal volume capacity. The capacity varies according to the product to be put inside. Cheese, yoghurt, olive, halva, dry food, snacks, ashura, etc. It can be used safely for food products. Hot filling can be done up to a maximum of 60 degrees. All of our products are carefully packaged and given to the cargo so that they can reach you without any damage. A copy of the invoice of the products is included in the package. Total weight of the product: 14 gr (±5%) (Box Body: 16 gr, Lid: 10 gr)
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