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About Us

Sarkap İç ve Dış Ticaret Anonim Şirketi was established in March 2019 with the subsidiary of Sarten Ambalaj, one of the leading companies in the rigid metal and plastic packaging sector in the world. In the future, Sarkap ceased to be a unit included in Sarten's B2B structure and became a part of Sarten's own potential. branded with and increased its volume. Sarkap aims to be a company that has a B2C structure and serves the end consumer.

In addition to its local sales offices in Ayvalık, Manisa and Gemlik, our company actively provides services with its wholesale and retail options on its website and various online marketplaces such as Trendyol, Hepsiburada, N11, Çiçeksepeti and Amazon. At the same time, our customers, our products, our valuable partners Paşabahçe, Migros, Carrefoursa etc. companies can access their physical and online stores.

Sarkap offers its customers packaging products in various categories such as disposable products, food containers, parcel consumables, as well as the sale of printed and unprinted metal cans, jar lids, glass jars, olive - olive oil packages and pet jars.

The team consists of young, dynamic and experienced colleagues with an average age of 28. The fact that 57% of its employees are women is an indication that Sarkap is a supporter of women who develop and produce in the changing world.

Sarkap also makes a name for itself with its success in international and national packaging and glassware fairs such as Ambiente, Züchex, Zücder, Host, which are the most well-known and trafficked in Turkey and the world.


HOST İstanbul

Bringing the home and kitchenware industry together, HOST Istanbul opened its doors to international visitors at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center between March 9-12.

Organized by Tarsus Turkey and supported by KOSGEB, İMMİB, ZÜCDER, TOBB and TFYD, HOST Istanbul, the Glassware and Decorative Housewares Fair, brought together nearly 15,000 buyers from 102 countries, 5,000 of which were from abroad, and nearly 350 participating companies. .

Shown as one of the most important trade fairs of the Turkish home and kitchenware industry, HOST Istanbul hosts the latest in domestically produced table and kitchenware, cooking equipment, plastic household goods and garden accessories, home appliances, decorative home and kitchenware, and electrical home appliances. innovations are showcased.

Sarkap at Host Istanbul, a fair where you can examine different product types from glass, porcelain and ceramics to electrical household appliances, metal kitchenware to plastic homeware/garden accessories, decorative products to kitchenware, and purchase unique products, will present for the first time in 4 different colors at this fair. It attracted attention by exhibiting its new products such as “Premium Quality Set” with the option of “Premium Quality Set”, New Windowed Storage Boxes and Tumbled Embossed Soft Touch Storage Boxes.


Ambiente Fair, Europe's largest and the world's most respected decoration, glassware and souvenir fair, was held in Messe Frankfurt, Germany between 3-7 February 2023.

Ambiente is the International trade fair for glassware, decoration and household goods. The fair aimed to bring together exhibitors and visitors on topics such as sustainability, new designs, exchange of ideas about the future of the retail industry, strengthening international relations and creating new cooperation opportunities.

The world's leading international exhibitors exhibited their products and innovations to the visitors at the fair. The fair, attended by 4,460 exhibitors from 92 countries and 136,081 visitors from 167 countries, is the central trade fair in Europe.

The fair, which was attended by visitors from many different sectors and had the chance to examine the products physically, provided an environment that enabled the sectoral developments and expectations to be followed closely and opened the way for new investment opportunities.

At Ambiente, which is one of the largest and most important fairs in the world and in Europe, which gathers the home and kitchenware industry, the Sarkap team also held important meetings with many visitors and representatives of purchasing companies during the 5-day fair. The Sarkap team, which introduced its products to its customers for the first time at this fair, attracted attention throughout the fair. Sarkap, the reliable company of the sector, always prioritizing customer satisfaction and product quality, had an extremely productive period during the fair.

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Zücder Antalya

The 10th International Home and Kitchenware Manufacturers Meetings Summit was held in Antalya Titanic Mardan Palace between 1-4 December this year with the contributions of ZÜCDER. In the organization organized by ZÜCDER, the largest association in the field of glassware and household goods in our country, it was aimed to facilitate trade with the world, strengthen local-international relations, and create cooperation opportunities.
At the summit, where national and international participants were present, more than 5 thousand mutual meetings were held and suppliers and qualified buyers came together on the B2B channel. Offering an event environment where purchasing companies can physically experience the products, ZÜCDER became an organization attended by the leading companies of the sector. Stating that exports have increased by 70 percent in 10 years thanks to the summits, ZÜCDER President Mesut Öksüz added that it was aimed to increase exports at the summit where 120 qualified buyer companies from 50 countries met.

At the summit, where very important interaction and cooperation was achieved in 4 days, the Sarkap team held important meetings with the representatives of purchasing companies from all regions of the world. Introducing new models and stylishly designed products at the summit, the Sarkap team stated that the ZÜCDER Summit is a very important opportunity for the development of exports and establishing new collaborations. In addition, Sarkap team stated that they had a productive fair period and they left the fair happily.

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Zuchex, which brought together 36,332 buyers from 142 countries and 650 participating companies in the last meeting and created a business volume of more than 1 billion USD, opened its doors to national and international visitors at Tüyap on September 15-18, 2022.

Zuchex Istanbul is the International Glassware and Decorative Housewares Fair. Organized by Tarsus Turkey, Zuchex Istanbul aims to bring together exhibitors and visitors in the glassware, souvenirs and promotional materials sectors.

The aim of the fair is to contribute to the regional trade by enabling local and foreign business people to establish connections with professional participants as a result of domestic and international promotions. The world's leading international exhibitors exhibit their products and innovations at this fair.

Zuchex Fair offers its visitors the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts such as world-class experts, architects and designers, as well as an environment where developments and expectations in the sector can be followed closely and new investment opportunities can be caught.

At Zuchex, which gathers the entire household and kitchenware industry under one roof and is an ideal fair to examine new products closely and buy unique products, the Sarkap team also exhibited new concept sets such as Merry Christmas, Flower Bouqet, Mediterranean Summer for the first time at this fair. attracted attention at the fair. Sarkap team, which always prioritizes product quality and customer satisfaction, stated that they had a very productive period at the fair.

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The 'Turkish Housewares by Invitation Only' event, organized for the fifth time this year by the Home and Kitchenware Manufacturers and Exporters Association (EVSID), has started. Within the scope of the event, EVSID brought together 120 buyer companies and 72 manufacturers from 60 countries from the household and kitchenware sector in Istanbul. To the organization where very important collaborations were made in 4 days; Importer companies that make their own purchases from many different countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Tanzania, Malaysia, Denmark, Netherlands, South Africa, Indonesia participated.

EVSID President Talha Özger stated at the press conference that there will be buyers from countries that have not done business with Turkey before, and that they aim to reach buyers from distant countries with limited access to Turkey, who have not done business with Turkey before. He also underlined that there is a great demand from both foreign companies and local producers this year, and that the efficiency of the event is increasing every year.

Mr. Özger said, “We do not only promote our products and companies here. We also attach importance to the cultural promotion of our country. We hope that this will continue to increase in the coming years," he said, adding that he does not only attribute a commercial meaning to the organization, but also that he sees it as a cultural meeting that will reinforce the international relations of our country. Industrial and exporting companies lay the foundations of important cooperation in the context of an export potential of approximately 400 million dollars. Another critical piece of information was recorded.

The Sarkap team also took its place at Evsid, one of the biggest events that paves the way for sectoral exports, to evaluate the opportunities and privileges offered by the fair with its products in an eye-catching color palette and the newest designs waiting to be introduced to the glassware industry. We congratulate our teammates, who always advance with the motto that quality products bring customer satisfaction, for their success at Evsid.

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ZÜCDER organized the 9th International Home and Kitchenware Manufacturer-Brand Meeting with the participation of 120 giant buyers from 70 countries such as Russia, France, Brazil and Morocco and 5 thousand business meetings in Antalya between 15-18 May. Mesut Öksüz, President of the Glassware Association (ZÜCDER), stated that Turkey stood out with its global quality, reasonable price and fast logistics advantages while the latest developments in the sector were mentioned in the organization, and also mentioned that Turkish products have become sought after in the world.

Another most talked about agenda item in ZÜCDER 2022 was that the glassware industry, which reached more than 200 points in the world, rose from 10th to 8th in the global ranking in 2021. The glassware sector, which is one of the two most branded sectors in the world, includes 8 sectors from metal industrial kitchenware to kitchen appliances. The glassware industry, which increases its exports by 10-15 percent every year and rises from 10th to 8th in the world ranking with 6,033 billion dollars of exports in 2021, aims to export 7 billion dollars in 2022.

The Sarkap team took its place to meet with the representatives of companies from all over the world in search of suppliers, in the organization where only companies with an export value of more than 10 million dollars could participate. Our dear colleagues expressed that it would be appropriate to focus on the USA and Japan markets, which are the world's largest glassware importers, in order to further develop sectoral exports in our country.

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HOST İstanbul

More than 150 domestic manufacturers from all over Anatolia brought their newest collections of home and kitchenware to the world in the 15th HOST Istanbul fair, organized by Tarsus Turkey in the spring of 2022 with the support of IMMIB, ZÜCDER and KOSGEB. Shown as one of the most important trade fairs of the Turkish home and kitchenware industry, HOST Istanbul hosts the latest in domestically produced table and kitchenware, cooking equipment, plastic household goods and garden accessories, home appliances, decorative home and kitchenware, and electrical home appliances. innovations are showcased.

HOST Istanbul hosted visitors from 102 different countries in Istanbul. This year, 4,588 foreign buyers visited the fair, which tripled the number of foreign buyers. The countries with the highest number of foreign visitors were Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, England, Iran, Israel, Greece, Palestine and Italy.

Introducing their newest models and designs at the fair, the Sarkap team also stated that HOST Istanbul is one of the cornerstones in the development and progress of exports in the sector. The Sarkap products that attracted the most attention at this fair were the embossed trays and the 3-piece Tea-Coffee-Candy sets, which became an integral part of the Sarkap collection.

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Officially established in December 2014 in line with the needs of the sector, the Association of Home and Kitchenware Manufacturers and Exporters (EVSID) hosted representatives from more than 50 countries and companies that shape the sector at its event held in Sapanca this year. At the fair, very important projections regarding the progress of the sector were drawn and critical data were highlighted. According to the report announced at the fair, the January-November exports of the household and kitchenware sector achieved a cumulative growth of 37% and reached $3.1 billion. The driving force of the sector, which increased its exports by 35% in the January-December period compared to the previous year, was again electrical small household and kitchenware, and metal tableware and kitchenware. Examining the top 10 exporting countries in the household and kitchenware sector, it was revealed that Turkey's exports surpassed France and Poland and ranked 6th as of the January-September period.

Although not long after its establishment, the Sarkap team, which has managed to become one of the leading companies in the sector, also attracted attention with its young and dynamic structure. The Sarkap team, who spent their time in Sapanca socially productive both with their cooperation and with other brand representatives, left the fair with smiling faces

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The International Manufacturer-Brand Meetings Summit was held in Antalya this year with the contributions of the Turkish Glassware Association ZÜCDER. ZÜCDER, which is the largest association in the field of glassware and household goods in our country, is the roof of the glassware industry in terms of bringing together sectoral stakeholders, strengthening local-international relations and creating cooperation opportunities. This year, as every year, ZÜCDER has become one of the biggest organizations where the pulse of the sector beats, increasing its national and international traffic and offering suppliers and buyers a meeting place where they can physically experience the products on the B2B channel.

Being aware of the importance of the fairs in the relations between companies, the Sarkap team took its place at ZÜCDER this year, as it does every year. Sarkap team managed to make a name for itself with their most eye-catching designs and most innovative products at the fair, which aims to start the communication between companies from the ground up by offering the opportunity to meet with manufacturers and buyers by appointment. Our colleagues, who made a rapid breakthrough with their busy schedules in both the foreign and domestic markets, stated that they had a productive fair period and left ZÜCDER satisfied.

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T.C. by Tarsus Turkey Fairs. Organized for the 31st time with the support of the Ministry of Trade, İMMİB (Istanbul Minerals and Metals Exporters' Association), ZÜCDER (Glasswaremen's Association) and KOSGEB, the 31st ZUCHEX Istanbul – International Glassware and Gift, Home and Kitchenware, Dowry Products Fair 16-19 September 2021 held in Tüyap. The event is in the nature of being the first and only big glassware meeting of the year 2021 in the world. At the fair, the leading brands of Turkey and the world exhibited their newest collections from steel kitchenware to decorative home accessories, from plastic homeware to glass, porcelain and ceramics. Hosting thousands of buyers from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, Zuchex offers thousands of market-leading brands and manufacturers from all over the world the opportunity to supply their newest designs with the most advantageous conditions.

At Zuchex 2021, where thousands of products are exhibited, new collections are presented and the latest trends are discussed, the young and experienced Sarkap team, which brings innovative products together with original designs, took its place! Continuing to meet with qualified companies from Turkey and abroad, who are in search of suppliers, Sarkap team, during the fair, said that Turkish manufacturers and suppliers are helping Turkish manufacturers and suppliers in breaking the stagnation reflected in the sector all over the world, especially with the pandemic, since the Zuchex fair is the first organization of 2021 in the glassware and household goods category. He said it would be a big step forward.


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