About Us


Sarkap İç ve Dış Ticaret Anonim Şirketi was established in March 2019 as a subsidiary of Sarten, the leading group in the hard metal and plastic packaging industry in Europe as well as our country with 16 plants in Turkey, 2 plants in Bulgaria and one plant in the Netherlands and Russia, respectively. Later on, ceasing to be a unit within the B2B organization of Sarten, the company has become a brand in its own right using its potential and increased its volume due to the professionalism of the team and its customer-oriented strategy. Its intention is to become a B2C entity directly serving the end consumer.

Our company, offering  wholesale and retail options, actively serves its esteemed customers at its website sarkap.com and various online marketplaces such as Trendyol , Hepsiburada , N11 and Amazon  further to its local sales offices at Ayvalık, Manisa and Gemlik. Moreover, our products are available to our customers at physical and online stores of our valuable partners Paşabahçe, English Home, Migros, Carrefoursa etc. In addition to its regular customers in Europe and the Middle East, our company aims to provide services to its international customers by way of stepping into the American region and expanding its export channel by means of a website, which is in English and ready to be launched.

Be it olive oil tin can at the Ayvalık plant or jar lid or pet jar at the Manisa plant, the Sarkap products are manufactured by high-tech devices at Sarten plants in accordance with the certified quality of the company. Unlike Sarten products, the company also offers decorative products to the end consumer such as decorative metal boxes and penny banks. The company also shows that it gives the top priority to customer satisfaction with its customized service, producing specially printed decorative metal boxes and jar lids provided that an order on the basis of minimum number of products.  Sarkap has also produced, and made available in the market, the hygienically packed jar lids for the first time in Turkey, minimizing the defective or unhygienic material problems experienced by housewives while making canned food.

With an average age of 27, Sarkap teammates are young, dynamic and also experienced individuals. Female employees make up 50% of the team, demonstrating Sarkap’s support to the women who blossom and produce in the changing world. Also, the ethnic diversity of its employees is a tangible indication that the company cares about the concepts such as diversity and being a world citizen in the globalized world.

Thanks to its achievements, Sarkap has made its mark at the most famous international and domestic packaging and glassware fairs in Turkey and around the world such as Ambiente, Züchex, Zücder, and Host, which also attract the traffic most. With a proven track record in the sector, our company continues to serve its valuable customers with the assurance of the Sarıbekir family.

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