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Sarkap İç ve Dış Ticaret Anonim Şirketi was established in March 2019 as a subsidiary of Sarten, the leading group in the hard metal and plastic packaging industry in Europe as well as our country with 16 plants in Turkey, 2 plants in Bulgaria and one plant in the Netherlands and Russia, respectively. Later on, ceasing to be a unit within the B2B organization of Sarten, the company has become a brand in its own right using its potential and increased its volume.

Fairs We Attended
Zücder 2022 Antalya

The 10th International Home and Kitchenware Manufacturers Meetings Summit was held in Antalya Titanic Mardan Palace between 1-4 December this year with the contributions of ZÜCDER. In the organization organized by ZÜCDER, the largest association in the field of glassware and household goods in our country, it was aimed to facilitate trade with the world, strengthen local-international relations, and create cooperation opportunities.

Fairs We Attended
Zuchex 2022

Zuchex, which brought together 36,332 buyers from 142 countries and 650 participating companies in the last meeting and created a business volume of more than 1 billion USD, opened its doors to national and international visitors at Tüyap on September 15-18, 2022. Zuchex Istanbul is the International Glassware and Decorative Housewares Fair. Organized by Tarsus Turkey, Zuchex Istanbul aims to bring together exhibitors and visitors in the glassware, souvenirs and promotional materials sectors.

News From Us
We Were Guests at Nefis Yemek Tarifleri

Saving starts with cans! We set out with this slogan and started to research how to find the most practical and at the same time delicious recipe. We have been a guest in the kitchen of Nefis Yemek Tarifleri, one of the most reliable and sincere food channels of Youtube, so that our dear followers can easily access the most delicious canned tomato sauce and menemen tomato recipes.

Fairs We Attended
Evsid 2022

The 'Turkish Housewares by Invitation Only' event, organized for the fifth time this year by the Home and Kitchenware Manufacturers and Exporters Association (EVSID), has started. Within the scope of the event, EVSID brought together 120 buyer companies and 72 manufacturers from 60 countries from the household and kitchenware sector in Istanbul. To the organization where very important collaborations were made in 4 days; Importer companies that make their own purchases from many different countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Tanzania, Malaysia, Denmark, Netherlands, South Africa, Indonesia participated.

Fairs We Attended
Zücder 2022

ZÜCDER organized the 9th International Home and Kitchenware Manufacturer-Brand Meeting with the participation of 120 big buyers from 70 countries such as Russia, France, Brazil and Morocco and 5 thousand business meetings in Antalya between 15-18 May. Mesut Öksüz, President of the Glassware Association (ZÜCDER), stated that Turkey stood out with its global quality, reasonable price and fast logistics advantages while the latest developments in the sector were mentioned in the organization, and also mentioned that Turkish products have become sought after in the world.

Fairs We Attended
HOST İstanbul 2022

More than 150 domestic manufacturers from all over Anatolia brought their newest collections of home and kitchenware to the world in the 15th HOST Istanbul fair, organized by Tarsus Turkey in the spring of 2022 with the support of IMMIB, ZÜCDER and KOSGEB. Shown as one of the most important trade fairs of the Turkish home and kitchenware industry, HOST Istanbul hosts the latest in domestically produced table and kitchenware, cooking equipment, plastic household goods and garden accessories, home appliances, decorative home and kitchenware, and electrical home appliances. innovations are showcased.

Fairs We Attended
Evsid 2021

Officially established in December 2014 in line with the needs of the sector, the Association of Home and Kitchenware Manufacturers and Exporters (EVSID) hosted representatives from more than 50 countries and companies that shape the sector at its event held in Sapanca this year. At the fair, very important projections regarding the progress of the sector were drawn and critical data were highlighted. According to the report announced at the fair, the January-November exports of the household and kitchenware sector achieved a cumulative growth of 37% and reached $3.1 billion.

Fairs We Attended
Zücder 2021

The International Manufacturer-Brand Meetings Summit was held in Antalya this year with the contributions of the Turkish Glassware Association ZÜCDER. ZÜCDER, which is the largest association in the field of glassware and household goods in our country, is the roof of the glassware industry in terms of bringing together sectoral stakeholders, strengthening local-international relations and creating cooperation opportunities.

Fairs We Attended
Zuchex 2021

ZUCHEX Istanbul – International Glassware and Gift, Home and Kitchenware, Dowry Products Fair Tuyap, organized by Tarsus Turkey Fair with the support of the Ministry of Trade, IMMIB (Istanbul Minerals and Metals Exporters' Association), ZÜCDER (Glasswaremen's Association) and KOSGEB took place in Tüyap. The event, held on 16-19 September 2021, is the first and only big glassware meeting of 2021 in the world.

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