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Can the Jar Lid Be Recycled?

Can the Jar Lid Be Recycled?


Recycling is defined as the recycling of wastes that are out of use and suitable for recycling as raw materials into the production process by various methods. It has become one of the most important concepts of our day and future with the decrease in natural resources and the increase in environmental pollution in parallel with the human population.

Recycling, which not only saves materials and natural resources, but also saves energy and financial sources, should be considered more and a world free of famine should be left for future generations.


In 2022, when the world population reaches almost 8 billion, recycling materials are now considered as the seventh natural resource. It is an undeniable fact that recycling materials, which are raw materials, are also an important part of the economy in the new world where technology has advanced so much.

Sarkap also pays attention to the recycling policies of the companies that it produces with a sustainable consumption strategy that is sensitive to the environment and living things. For example, the sensitivity shown to the recycling and reuse process in Sarten factories, where the majority of Sarkap products are produced, is clearly seen. The company's Petpak Recycling Center, which started its operations in 2019, carries out the recycling of waste plastics. Moreover, products containing recycled plastic are also produced when requested by customers.

The same sensitivity is shown in metal, a material that can be recycled endlessly. During the recycling of metals, it is possible to save 95% of energy compared to metal production from scratch. Metal wastes are sent to recycling facilities and are reintroduced to production by participating in the process.

You can also recycle your waste jar lids after the expiry of your metal jar lids, which are used more in your homes, especially with the approach of the canning period. It is highly recommended not to reuse your jar lids that you have already vacuumed.

Jar lids that have been vacuumed before can not be used securely and because they will get air into the jar, they prepare the ground for the formation of bacteria that will threaten the health of you and your loved ones. For this reason, you should dispose of your jar lids that have expired and should not use them again. The best way to do this is to deliver your jar lids with your other unused metal waste to recycling material collection units or centers.

Since metal is a material that we come across a lot in our daily life and has a costly structure, recycling is very important. Along with your waste jar lids, you can dispose of many items that we use in daily life, such as cans, aluminum beverage bottles, oil and tomato paste cans, and sprays, into metal recycling bins. The adventure of metal waste thrown into recycling bins placed at certain points in our districts by municipalities or private institutions continues until recycling facilities. Metal wastes, which are recycled through different stages such as sorting, classification, crushing, shredding, grinding, pressing, repairing for reuse, are brought back into production and economy.

In the days when the importance of recycling and sustainable consumption is understood by everyone and this awareness takes its roots as a social value, we have faith and hope that our productive resources will be used correctly by knowing their value and that we will leave our world full of abundance and richness to the new generations.

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