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How To Box?

How To Box?

You can safely transport olive oil tins, glass jars, cans, and many other products to a different place by boxing them correctly. However, you should pay attention to specific details while packing. You may consider the details below and act depending on the product types in order to carry out the boxing process, which requires extreme precision, in the best way possible.


How to Box Glass Jars?

After placing the glass jars that you will box in a plastic bag, you should tie the mouth tightly. To enhance the security, you can wrap the products in paper packaging materials and place them in the box. When you apply this method, the plastic bags you will use provide additional protection in case of possible breaking.

Even if your glass jars are broken, the fragments will not damage other items. If there is a break in the boxes that do not have additional protection with bags, your other items will also be damaged. Keep in mind that boxes with wet bottoms will lose their durability and may tear. In order to avoid such problems, you should tightly tape the bottom of the box.


How to Box Bottles Containing Liquids?

You should be very careful when boxing bottles that are likely to break and that contain liquids. You can use the inside of plastic boxes or large pots to place jars and bottles. Thus, in case of possible breaking, any risk of liquid outpouring will be prevented.


How to Attach Tape to the Box Sealing Tape Dispenser?

Koli bant Makinasına Koli bandı Nasıl Takılır?

It is extremely easy to attach tape to the box sealing tape dispenser. You can attach tape to the reel section of the box sealing tape dispenser, which is usually made up of a handle, reel, cylinder, and blade. The adhesive side of the box sealing tape attached to the reel should face down.

By holding the ends of the tape, passed the tape through the cylinder section and close the tongue part of the dispenser that will hold the tape. You can remove the excess of the tape from the blade part by pulling upwards the tape that passes through the cylinder part. Thus, the tape corresponding to the blade part will be attached to the dispenser.


After placing the tape on the reel part, you can adjust the dispenser’s hardness. If you have made the hardness adjustment, hold the handle and place the roll part on which the tape is attached, down on the surface to be taped. After the taping is done by pulling the handle, cut the tape by means of the blade part by pushing the machine forward and complete the taping process.

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