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How To Decorate The Jar Lid?

How To Decorate The Jar Lid?

By decorating the jars and lids you use in your home, you can start to create extremely aesthetic designs. You can also make use of the jars, which can be very nice accessories for kitchens, at different points of your places.


You can apply the decoration processes by means of different methods, and if you want, you can give the resulting works as gifts to your loved ones. You can use several different methods for this.


Jar Lid Painting Method

Many people prefer to decorate jar lids by painting them. As one of the easiest jar lid decoration techniques, this method will enable you to create special designs. Jar lids with a metal surface offer a lower degree of paint adherence than wooden or plastic models.


In order for the paint to adhere to jar lids, it should not be diluted. The more you dilute the paint, the harder it becomes for the color to adhere. You can give the shape you want with glitter powder and revive the design after a while subsequent to the painting process. You can start creating your own templates for patterned painting. By placing this template on the lid, you can paint them as desired in the shape of stripes.


Before painting the jar lids, you just need to come up with such colors and patterns that suit your own tastes. If you wish, you can also choose options that suit the taste of your loved ones and give them your design as a gift.


Mini Jar Lids and Fabric Decoration Method

You can use baby food jars as cruets for your spices. For this, just remove the sticker on them and paint their lids. If you wish, you can start creating alternative designs by drawing different patterns on the jars.


You can easily apply the fabric method of mini jar lids to large-sized lids too. You can place the fabric pieces on lids to make cruets. You can integrate square or rectangular fabric pieces that you cut to fit the mouth of your jars into their lids.


Jar Lid Decoration Method with Felt

You can decorate the lid with small felt pieces. It is possible to stick the green felt pieces that you cut in the form of leaves to your jar lids by using hot silicone. If you want to apply a different method, you can choose to stick lace fabric. You can cut the felt pieces for the upper part of the lace fabric in different ways and finish your decoration.


Tips for Decorating Jar Lids

It is extremely important that the jar lid you choose is designed in colors that suit your room decoration and furniture. One of the most important details to consider when the painting is the equal distribution of the paint all over the lid. At the same time, it is important that the brush marks are not apparent and that there is no hue difference.



If you want to paint the lid in one or more colors, you should wait for the painted applied onto lid to dry and then switch to the other color. After waiting for a short time, you can start to enrich the dried lid with the decorative items you choose.


You can choose a photo or object that you like as a decorative item. If you cut a photo into the dimensions of the complete lid and place in it, you can use the patterned jar lid as a photo frame.


By combining several different special lids and different photos, you can create your own special photo frame to display your family photos. Thanks to the designs you can make in the comfortable environment at home, you can create extremely aesthetic and stylish products. The jar lids that become functional will be eye-catching.



Make sure that you are using the right materials when decorating your jar lids. When you choose the wrong materials, you may experience problems during the design stage and then cause the design to go awry. You should act by considering details such as the colors of paints and the quality and type of materials. In this way, you can obtain special and nice-looking jar lids that suit taste.

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