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How To Easily Remove A Stubborn Jar Lid?

How To Easily Remove A Stubborn Jar Lid?

While everyone is at home and plenty of dishes are being prepared, canned food prepared last year might be frequently used. When using canned food, the first thing that comes to mind is stubborn lids. So, what are the practical ways to open these stubborn lids?

What are the Practical Ways to Open Stubborn Lids?

* The best method to open a stubborn jar lid: fill a bowl with hot water and put the jar with a stubborn lid in this bowl so that its mouth remains in the water. Wait 30 seconds and take it out. You can see that the lid gets loose thanks to the expansion effect of the hot water on the metal and now you can easily remove the lid.


* As an alternative method, you can try to open the jar lid by wearing dishwashing gloves or by wrapping your hand with cling film. Gloves or cling film will prevent your hand from slipping while turning the lid and allow you to remove the lid easily.

* The most commonly used method for opening stubborn jar lids is to use pointed materials such as forks and knives to allow the trapped air to escape. Gently lift the lid up with the pointed material you put between the dents where the lid overlaps the jar. You can understand that the trapped air has been released from discharge sound it makes and then easily remove the lid of your jar.

* Another method is to hit the sides and middle of a stubborn jar lid with a solid wooden spoon, allowing the air trapped inside to pass through, so you can open the lid easily.

* If you do not want the jar lid to get stuck and to deal with any of these methods, you can wrap the mouth of an open jar with cling film before lidding and then close it tightly. This method will allow you to open the lid easily without any problems.

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