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How To Make Flowerpots From Metal Cans?

How To Make Flowerpots From Metal Cans?

You can have a flowerpot that suits to your decoration style by making flowerpots from metal cans, or you can have a nice piece that you can present as a gift to your loved ones. In order to create metal flowerpots, you just need to prepare some materials. The rest is entirely up to your creativity and imagination.


To design a flowerpot out of a metal box, you need dishwashing or gardening gloves, a small spatula, stone or pebble pieces, soil, and the plant of your choice. To design the flowerpot, thoroughly clean the inside of the metal can first. If you want to prevent corrosion, paint the inside of the metal can with special paints.


Drainage Hole and Exterior Design


Since most of these cans are coated inside, you may not need to take precautions against corrosion. As the next step, drill drainage holes at the base of your flowerpot. When you make the drainage holes, the excess water will flow away even if you water your plant too much. 


If you do not want to drill any drainage hole, you can put stones and sand in the bottom of the metal can. However, this method will not work as well as a drainage hole. You can use a knife or scissors to make holes. After completing these steps, you can start filling the metal can with the soil suitable for the plant you want to grow. 


After you have added the soil, you can start planting the plant you will grow. But, if you want to decorate the outside of the metal can, it would be better to make decorative touches before these processes. For this, simply use suitable paint that has a permanently remains on metal. If you can't find a suitable color to paint the outside of your metal can, you can act according to your decoration style and your own tastes.


If you want to obtain a modern look, you can choose colors such as white, gray, and black and paint your metal can in these colors. You can design metal can flowerpots, which are completely hand-made by you, as hanging planters. You will need multiple metal cans and chain for this.


How to Make a Hanging Planters from Metal Cans?


To make hanging planters from your metal cans, you must get at least 4 metal cans, 4 plants, an average of 3 chains of 1.5 meters each, spray paint, a set square, pencil, paper, and hooks to hang the planter.


You can start the process by drilling metal cans. Drill 3 separate holes in each metal can you have. The hole sizes should suit to the screws. You can get use the set square when drilling holes. It is important to drill each hole in the same size to obtain a straight shape when the chain is attached.


After drilling the holes, you can paint the external surfaces of metal cans with spray paint of your choice. You can paint all the cans in the same color, or you can apply various colors to get a different look.


Modern and Stylish Hanging Planters


After the spray paint dries, you can insert screws into the holes and start tightening. After inserting the screws, you can start attaching the chains in order. Considering the number of chain links, make sure that you leave the same number of links between each metal can. 


After completing all these processes, you can start planting flowers or plants in your hanging planter that you have put in a suitable place. Thanks to this technique, you can make either a hanging planter or a single flowerpot. You can act in complete freedom when decorating the external surfaces of the flowerpots.


Even if it seems a little complicated and difficult at first glance, you can add a different atmosphere to your spaces with flowerpots that you can easily make. You can start creating modern, classic, or alternative decoration styles with metal cans, each of which has different sizes and features. 

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