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How To Make Sure That A Canning Lid Is Firmly Tightened?

How To Make Sure That A Canning Lid Is Firmly Tightened?

By observing the top and bottom sides of the canning jar, you should make sure that the rims of the canning glass jar are straight and not deformed. Canning lids that have the described appearance show you that the can is not spoiled. If the lid of the jar is convex after boiling the canned food, it may have taken air while being cooked. The ingredients of that jar might not be canned well.


What to do if canning lids are not firmly tightened?

If you are having problems with the lid while preparing the cans that you can keep the food intact for a long time, you may try different methods to can your food in a better way. The pressure cooker method and the boiling method are the most preferred ones among these methods.


The Pressure Cooker Method

The pressure cooker helps you while canning. To use a pressure cooker for canning, you must first place a sufficiently large trivet on the bottom of the cooker. Then, you can place the preserving jars you have prepared in the cooker with their lids facing the trivet.

During this process, place a piece of fabric between the jars. By placing a piece of fabric, you can prevent the jars from hitting each other and breaking. Then you can pour water in the pot and turn on the gas stove. Then, the canning lids begin to curve inwards. 


Method of Boiling Can Lids

Canning lids are the same as regular jar lids. But the lids need to be used for the first time for canning. For this reason, when you are canning, you should always buy a new lid for each jar. In this way, you will greatly reduce the probability of failure in canning. After choosing suitable lids, you can fill the prepared food into jars for canning.

Following this process, you can place all the lids in a pot of sufficient size. After placing the lids, pour water up to a level that is 4 to 5 fingers above lids. Bring the pot so prepared to a boil and remove the lids with a suitable tool such as tongs after boiling.

By holding the hot lids by means of a piece of fabric, you can close the jars firmly and place them on another piece of fabric with the lids facing down. Your cans will be ready when the jar lids that you keep until the next day bulge.

Keep in mind that canned food can be kept at room temperature. But you should take care to store them in a cool place away from sunlight as far as possible. When exposed to heat and sun, canned food can cause serious problems. Canned products should be completely consumed after opening. Keep in a closed container in a refrigerator if it will not be completely consumed.

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