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How To Store Home-Canned Tomato And Pepper Sauce Bottles?

How To Store Home-Canned Tomato And Pepper Sauce Bottles?

It is extremely important that the vegetables you want to keep in a healthy and reliable way are grown in season and fresh. For this reason, you should choose the tomatoes and peppers you intend to use for preparing the sauce that you will preserve in the sauce bottles in the period of June to August. The sauces you prepare with tomatoes and peppers grown in this period are more dependable and can stay fresh until the expiration date.


You can simply keep the bottles in your freezer. You can use plastic freezer bags and carcinogen-free plastic storage containers to store in bottles the delicious sauce you have prepared. You can divide your sauce into sauce bottles for using one at a time.


You may also possibly obtain tomato sauce from winter sauce ingredients for an average use of 6 to 7 times. If you are using a freezer bag, you can use a pipette to remove excess air from the bag. Then you have to make sure that the bag is firmly closed. You should be careful not to leave as much air in the bags as possible. You can store the sauce bags you prepared in this way in the deep freezer.


After cooling the bottles at room temperature, you can store them in dry, cool and airtight environments, as it is the case with all canned bottles. After opening the bottles, make sure that you completely consume their content or keep it in a closed container or in your refrigerator.


How to Prepare Home-Canned Sauce in a Glass Bottle?

In order to prepare delicious sauce that you can store in the sauce bottles, you must get ingredients such as tomato, green pepper, red bell pepper, and sweet pepper as much as you want. Next, you will need a glass jar. You will also need new jar lids so that the food inside bottles does not spoil.


In order to prepare winter sauce in a glass jar, you must buy ingredients in such a quantity that you need for consumption. After completing this stage and you can prepare an average of one hundred jars of winter sauce a day with a helper if you can afford and consume it in abundance.


After washing the tomatoes, fill them in deep containers. Then, pour hot water on the tomatoes and keep them in this water for half an hour in order for the skins of the tomatoes to be peeled off. Next, when the hot water starts to cool down, you can peel the tomatoes that you take out of the water one by one, and dice them. However, those preparing sauce from grated tomatoes may not need to keep them in hot water. Just cut the tomatoes in half.


Are Sauce Bottles Reliable?

Special bottles that allow you to prepare delicious sauces at home are completely dependable. However, you should choose reliable brands when purchasing. This is one of the first things you should pay attention to in order to ensure your health.


After preparing canned food at home, always use glass jars and new lids in order not to undergo health problems and to prevent food from spoiling. It is also important to sterilize the jars and lids by boiling them for 15 to 20 minutes.


Sauce Bottle Prices

If the lids of your sauce bottles leak after having been prepared and there is mold, you should dispose of these cans without even tasting. If you notice a change in color and odor when you open the lid, you should not consume that can too. You can make use of the properly stored and purchased sauce bottles as you wish.


If you want to reuse the sauce bottles after using them once, you can use them for decorative purposes. You can change the lid or the bottle by decorating them in various ways, or you can ornament these two parts by turning them into a whole item. Thus, you can create a decorative gift or get a stylish and aesthetic item for your personal use. Among the prices offered for sauce bottles, you can find different options depending on the factors such as the materials used in their production and the size of these products. Prices generally vary according to these details.

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