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How To Store Olive Oil?

How To Store Olive Oil?

As a light, nourishing and protective gif of nature, olive oil is a cure for many ailments and is an essential part of our dishes. However, changes in the composition of olive oil due to incorrect storage methods can threaten our health. For this reason, it is an important issue how olive oil should be kept.

The most important aspect of storing olive oil is to ensure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight.  If you cannot ensure this, there is a high probability that your olive oil will be spoiled in a short time.


How to Keep Olive Oil?


The main factors to be considered in the storage of olive oil are light, oxygen, temperature, air, and time. The most appropriate way to store olive oil is to keep it at room temperature in a moisture-free place in a tightly closed tin (preferably lacquered tin), ceramic or colored glass containers. Plastic and transparent glass bottles are not suitable for storing olive oil since the chlorophyll contained in olive oil can oxidize when exposed to sunlight in a transparent glass bottle, creating undesirable flavors.

You should store olive oil in a room away from direct light or in a place where ambient temperature is around 18 to 20 degrees Celsius.  In addition, olive oil absorbs the smell of the environment quickly, so store it in moisture-free places where there is no foreign odor.


Can Olive Oil Be Stored in a Refrigerator?


Do not store olive oil should in a refrigerator. Olive oil solidifies at 5 to 6 degrees Celsius. Olive oil stored in a refrigerator solidifies due to the cold and its color becomes smoky. Olive oil brought to room temperature quickly liquefies, but the mist condensed on the lid mouth due to cold will turn into droplets and may drip onto the oil, causing the oil to taste bitter. For this reason, you should avoid storing olive oil in the refrigerator.

Olive oil is not a product that remain fresh for a very long time. After opening, it should be consumed within no later than 2 months.

The three materials that best store olive oil are colored glass, tin, and earthenware jars. You should store the oil in these recommended jars in a cool and moisture-free environment.

You can safely store your olive oil in our healthy Sarkap tin product line. The question we receive the most from you is 'Can we wash the tins’?   We do not recommend you washing the tins as they may rust if not completely dried after washing and if water remains in. In addition, Sarkap olive oil cans are produced with a zero-touch process and consist of layers suitable for food.

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