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How To Use Metal Cans?

How To Use Metal Cans?

You can use metal cans, which are among the most common materials in homes and kitchens, by recycling them like many different materials. By using metal cans, you can decorate your garden or balcony with flowers and make many different decorative items.


You can make stylish vases from metal cans. For this, you will need a rope, glue, and a glass jar. You can place glass jars inside the metal boxes that you bound together with a rope and you can get stylish vases where you can display your foliage plants. If you want to personalize your vases, you can paint the outside of them by hand or decorate them with your favorite patterned coating materials. Make sure that you are choosing quality products so that the coating materials do not deteriorate. Otherwise, the appearance of the vase may change due to external factors.


You can make candlesticks from large metal cans. After washing and preparing the box, you can decorate the box by sticking patterned papers around it to make its outside look more aesthetic. You can then bind the boxes together with thin ropes. If you wish, you can tie clothespins to the ends of the ropes and hang your candlesticks on the clothes-hangers by means of clothespins. For the bonding process, you can use glue pads that can carry the items and that do not leave any marks on the wall.


Pencil case

One of the most fun and practical ways to use metal cans is to use them as pencil cases. By sticking patterned tapes around metal boxes, you can have pencil cases that you can use any time you need. You can find patterned tapes in haberdashery and DIY stores. Once you get the tapes, simply stick them neatly around the metal cans. After completing these procedures, you can fill the can with your pens.


Spoon holder

If you have time and want to use your metal cans in a more challenging way, you can also make a spoon holder from your cans. First, sand the inside of the metal cans so they don't cut your hands. Then, proceed with the painting process to make them colorful. You will also need a board to implement the idea. You should also paint the board the same color as the cans. Align and screw the cans on both sides of the board. Metal cans also need to be drilled for screws. The holes you drill will be a reference for you to determine where to place the cans on the board. You can use the spoon holders so made for decorative purposes in the best place of your kitchen.

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