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Sarkap 10 pcs BC Wave Cardboard Box (15x25x32)

Barcode : 8683318608483
Product Code : SMT00PK000000057
201.95 TL
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201.95 TL

Sarkap 10 pcs BC Wave Cardboard Box (15x25x32)

Suitable for 2 pcs 5 lt Metal Olive Oil Containers.

Sarkap, 50 Years of Safe and Hygienic Storage!

Transport/storage boxes are produced from corrugated dopel cardboard box, which is used for the purpose of storing or transporting documents, products, goods, dresses, offices, household materials that you will remove temporarily or for a long time. The easy-to-use boxes and will expand your working area.
Box measurements: 15x25x32cm [Length*Width*Height] and it is implied from BC wave corrugated cardboard formed by combining 1 testliner and 4 straw paper sheets.
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