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Sarkap 3 Color Glass Jug - Pink, Purple, Green

Barcode : 8683318607622
Product Code : SJKZ0750KL000001
199.95 TL
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199.95 TL
Sarkap Three Color Glass Jug - Pink, Purple, Green.

Store your products in decorative and hygienic glass bottles.
Product Dimensions: Mouth Diameter: 28 mm, Base Diameter: 78 mm, Height: 302 mm.
Cover Color: Cream. Each product has 750 ml (milliliter) = 0.75 L (Liter) internal volume capacity.
Products are sent with the Cover.
There are 3 products in 1 box.
All of our products are carefully packaged and given to the cargo so that they can reach you without any damage.
A copy of the invoice of the products is included in the package.
Keep it away from the sun.
Capacity ml
750 ml (0,75L)
Purple, Purple, Green
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