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Craft Packing Tape Machine

Barcode : 8682193019087
Product Code : SMT0000000000036
179.95 TL
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05.12.2023 tarihine kadar kargoda
179.95 TL

Craft Packing Tape Machine

Craft Packing Tape Machine 50mm
Tape Cutting Machine (Automated) Ultra-Low Noise

Brake System - Spring duct tape mechanism - Automated ultra-low noise system
During use of packing tape, the tape cutting blade automatically comes out of its slot and at the end of the cut, the blade returns to its hidden slot. In this way, any injuries and involuntary tape cutting is avoided.
This tape cutting machine is a suitable packing tape products used in Turkey.
Belt width: 40 - 45 - 50mm, (wide) and suitable for belts up to 40 to 100 mt in length.
The handle is comfortable to use
Ergonomic design

Ultra-low noise and automated tape cutting blade features
Zigzag tape cutting blade (Automated)

This type of machine is used in order to save time and ensure practicality in packaging.

Note: The product only includes the box tape cutting machine, the duct tape is not additionally provided.
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