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Sarkap Unprinted Chocolate Box - 1

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Metal Chocolate Box
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  • Sarkap Unprinted Chocolate Box 1

    • Our products are manufactured in our factory up to international standards and hygienic requirements.
    • Food grade lacquer is used to coat the inner and outer surface of the can.
    • Inner volume is suited to contain 350-600 g product.
    • All products are carefully packaged and shipped to be delivered to you without damage.
    • A copy of the product invoice is included in the package.
    • Keep away from direct sunlight.
    • Package Dimensions:195x195x42mm 
    • Height 4.2 cm
    • Package Weight: 280gr (+-5g)
    Size (cm)
    61 x 61 x 13
    Weight (Kg)
    12 Months Warranty
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