Terms of Membership and Use

General terms of use, and the relevant general rules and legal responsibilities


It is recommended that the User Agreement, which includes the following terms, rules and legal responsibilities, is read before using sarkap.com. Please do not use the sarkap.com if the conditions mentioned are not acceptable by you. By using this site and filling out the form with your personal information, you are deemed to have accepted the terms written on these pages.


  1. Terms of Use and Security

The sarkap.com is open to all members. The services provided on the site are free unless noted otherwise.

In the below cases, the site management is entitled to prevent use of the site by the member and reserves its legal rights concerning the person (s) involved in the following:

1.a. Recording in the site of wrong, irregular, incomplete and misleading information and statement which contradict with public morality rules and information which breach the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

1.b. Unauthorized copying of site content in whole or in part.

1.c. The User is directly responsible for any damages arising from sharing with third party persons or organizations of the information given to or created by the user such as username, password (arising from use of such information anyone other than the user). Likewise, the User may not use personal information such as IP address, e-mail address, username or any

other private information belonging to third parties on the Internet and may not access to or use without authorization the private information of others. The user is deemed to have accepted all legal and penal obligations arising from such use.

1.d. Using software, engaging or attempting to engage in activities, obtaining, deleting or changing the information which threaten the security of the site and prevent the operation of the software used.


  1. Content Usage


  1. Responsibilities


3a. The information (visiting time and period, pages viewed) of the users who visit sarkap.com is monitored in order to serve them better. Adhering to the terms of confidentiality, this information is shared with the companies we cooperate in the areas such as advertising etc.  in order to expand and improve the content. The purpose here is to enhance the experience that the site offers to its users and improve sarkap.com.


3.b. After completing the necessary parts for registration and confirming the e-mail address, the sarkap.com user may enter his/her electronic mail address and password and start using this site provided that he/she complies with the conditions specified in this agreement.


3.c. The User, while enjoying the site and services of sarkap.com, accepts to comply with Turkish Penal Code, the Turkish Commercial Code, Intellectual and Artistic Works, the Law

on the Protection of Trademark and Patent Rights Decree and the relevant Statutory Decrees and legal regulations, the Code of Obligations, other relevant legislation and the announcements and notices to be published by the sarkap.com in relation to its services. All legal, penal and financial liability that may arise from any use which breaches the said laws and notices will be borne by the User.


3.d. If it is determined that the User fails to comply with the obligations specified in this agreement or the general rules provided on the sarkap.com, the sarkap.com is entitled to prevent use of the site by the User on permanent or temporary basis and/or close the account.


3.e. The User will not take any action which prevents or makes it difficult for other users and visitors to enjoy the sarkap.com and will not force/lock the servers or data bases by loading automatic programs on the same, and will not attempt any fraudulent actions. Otherwise, the User acknowledges that his/her membership will be terminated and accepts any and all legal and penal liability.


3.g. The User will not delete or remove the notes regarding the Laws on Copyright, Trademark and any Intellectual and Artistic Works from the materials copied or printed from the sarkap.com.


3.h. The User is entitled to process membership cancellation and account deletion via sarkap.com. Site log in authorization of any User who cancels his/her membership will be terminated. The person who cancels his/her membership accepts that this is an irrevocable action.


3.j. The site users will be responsible for the relationships with other users or third parties.


3.m. In certain parts of the site, the rules and obligations specific to that section may exist. The persons and organizations using these sections are deemed to have accepted these rules in advance.


3.n. Please read the “Confidentiality Policy” section to be informed about our general policy and the measures we take to protect personal information and privacy of our users.


3.o The User accepts and undertakes that the payment information (credit card, GSM number etc.) to be used in the purchases made through the site is accurate and that the legal and penal responsibilities arising out of such information belong to them.


  1. Notification Addresses


7.a. The sarkap.com site does not require mail addresses from the users in advance. However, the electronic mail address that the user provides to sarkap.com is deemed to be the e-mail address from which the legal address will be requested for any notification regarding this agreement.


7.b. Unless either party notifies the other party in writing of any changes to its existing e-mail addresses within 3 (three) days, they agree that the requests sent to the existing e-mails will be valid and deemed to have been made to them.


7.c. It is also understood that any notice sent by the sarkap.com to the registered electronic mail address of the user will be deemed to have been delivered to the user 1 (one) day after the electronic mail is sent by the sarkap.com. The User declares, accepts and undertakes that he/she has read, understood and accepted all provisions of this agreement and confirms accuracy of the information provided by him/her.

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