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How To Use The Glass Jars At Home?

How To Use The Glass Jars At Home?

There are so many alternative ways to make use of empty jars that are available all of our homes. Here are the ways you can bring jars of all sizes to life as an organizer and give a novel touch to your home.
  1. In the kitchen, which is the first area of use of glass jars, the main purpose of jars is to store products. But we always think that we can use the glass jar for long-term product storage. However, in daily life, the healthiest way to put our salad, soup, and snacks while going to work, school, or anywhere is a glass storage jar. You can write your name, the food inside, or a motivating word on the jars with an acetate pen, or you can personalize them by painting in different patterns.
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2. We can use glass jars to store our food, as well as a storage organizer anywhere in the house. But we want the jars that we can use in various parts of the house to be a more appealing. As the first method, we can paint the jars that we can use in this way with the color we want by means of glass paint and use them as vases or storage organizers. We can create a pleasant image by wrapping our glass jars with various colored tapes, wool and rope strings, and lace.

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  1. One of the best choices we can use glass jars for is lighting. The glass jar is used as a very decorative item in terms of lighting. At this stage, just put a candle or light bulb inside the jar and shape the outside as you wish.
You can put a candle in your jar and stick the leaves you collected outdoors on the inner wall and give the mouth part a ribbon shape with a rope or yarn. When you light the candle, you will find the image of the leaves very romantic. Here, you can try a photo instead of leaves.
You can create an alternative night light by puncturing the lid of a jar, which that you like the shape of or which you have colored, enough for the bulb cable to pass through, putting the bulb inside the jar, and passing the cable through the lid.
 Cam Kavanozlardan Aydınlatma Yapma 4. Another alternative method is to use your candles and your empty jar by melting your half-used candles or the candles with damaged ropes in a pot and filling them into unused glass jars. You can color or make pearlescent your colorless candles by adding food coloring. To make a scented candle, you can drip a few drops of room fragrances in the form of oil into the pot during the melting phase. In this way, you will gain both a beautiful accessory and a pleasant smell for your home.

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5. We can enliven the pencil cases where we put the colored pencils in our homes with glass jars. If you wish, you can make a hole in the middle part of your jar lids, paint the glass with glass paint and make it more vivid with the expressions and shapes you draw on it.
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