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Sarkap 1 Pallet 25 Shrink Wrapps of Glass Jar - 425ml Glass Jar

Barcode : 8682193009989
Product Code : SJKZ0425PL000002
22,768.95 TL
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6.60 TL
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Hygiene and safe protection for 50 years!
29.02.2024 tarihine kadar kargoda
22,768.95 TL

Sarkap 1 Pallet Shrink Wrapped Glass Jar - 425ml Glass Jar

There are 3,450 pcs 425ml glass jars in 1 pallet.

There are 3,450 pcs glass jars in 1 pallet.
Each jar has 425ml capacity.
All products are carefully packaged and shipped to be delivered to you without damage.
A copy of the product invoice is included in the package.
Jar Mouth Diameter: 82 dia.
Delivery time is 10 days.

Capacity ml
425 ml
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