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32pcs. Square Food Box - 500gr - Clear

Barcode : 8682193015737
Product Code : SPEG00500KL00002
298.95 TL
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9.34 TL
298.95 TL
32pcs. Square Food Box - 500gr - Clear
Contains of 32 pieces of boxes in cardboard boxes. The capacity of the product is 1200ml. Length: 7,6 cm, height: 14cm, width: 8,7cm, lid width: 14,1, lid height: 11,5, mouth lenght:1cm.
It preserves the freshness of food for a long time. It has a durable structure. It is easy to clean, hand washable. It allows the supplies to be stored and stored easily. It offers easy carrying with its handle design. All of our products are carefully packaged and given to the cargo so that they can reach you without any damage. A copy of the invoice of the products is included in the package. Keep it away from the sun.
Capacity ml
500 gr
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